Monday, July 31, 2017


Joe Bastardi's weather predictions are worth remembrring, if only because they have proven so memorably wrong in the long run- here, after five years of cork popping global high temperature is a five year vertical od his ice wine, rebottled for the  Heartland Institute cellars by Lord Lawson's man in Brussells, Pierre Gosselin 

Brutal Cold Headed For Europe And North America – Solar And Ocean Cycles Bode Of An Approaching Little Ice Age

Joe Bastardi at posted a video where he tells us that another brutal December is in the works for the Northern Hemisphere.
Joe Bastardi says: Mar 25 at 7:25 am (UTC -6 )
There is a growing number of scientists that believe co2 can not affect the earths climate. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and co2 is part of the entire system already. There may be distortions from time to time, but you have to understand that a one degree drop in the tropical pacific as far as the earths total energy budget is concerned far outweighs a 10 degree rise over the arctic! You should know and understand that… the globe is not built for a perfect climate but constantly balances itself and that is why we have weather, including extremes. This article may shed some light on it, since you obviously have not read it, and you know that if it is proven co2 CAN NOT BE A DRIVER, the game is really up

"Contrary to what a few crackpot physicists tell us, it’s not because of a relatively small 2 million sq km area of less ice in September, but because of gigantic areas in the tropical Pacific.
At the 2:10 mark Joe tells us:
What goes on in the tropical Pacific is huge. It’s absolutely huge – you have to understand that. In fact it’s huge as to control the entire climate of the globe, which is why you hear me with the type of attitude I have on that because of the flip of the Pacific to a colder mode.”
Later in the video at the 5-minute mark his attention is directed at Europe:
“Look at this! This is just hard to believe. I just want too, again, people get a little nervous when I start talking about the climate aspect of this, but this is how the Little Ice Age began. In Europe there was an attack of one cold winter after another. This is the fourth one in a row that severe to record-breaking cold has entered Europe.”
Clearly ocean cycles do play a major role on climate, as Joe shows. But it’s not only Europe’s weather that is beginning to resemble the Little Ice Age. Also the sun is beginning to look like it did during the Little Ice Age.
Solar cycles as well bode very ill for the coming winters.
Frank Bosse has an article today at Die kalte on the current solar cycle. He writes as follows (translated and condensed):
Solar Cycle 24 is indeed the start of a deep solar slumber. Leif Svalgaard published a paper Svalgaard et al. 2005 already back in 2005 where he estimated sunspot activity would be a maximum of 70 for Cycle 24. David Hathaway of NASA and his colleagues on the other hand projected a powerful solar cycle, based of course on a new model. Lesson here: Don’t believe every model."