Saturday, January 6, 2018

                         "SCIENCE  DOESN'T  'DO'  ANYTHING"

James  Delingpole's  commendible  dislike of :
"Genderfluid pronouns; Third  Wave  feminism Cultural Marxism; dog poo; fox poo; having to floss your teeth; Social Justice Warriors;Davos Man; the Liberal Elite; weak tea;watery coffee semi-skimmed milk Waitrose sole goujons which haven't had the skin removed; saltwater crocodiles; mosquitoes ... vampires generally "
has  failed to save Breitbart's  science-averse failed fox hunter from interviewing  Steve Tony Goddard Heller, whom he hails as"The  Evil, Cackling, Wicked ... Climate Denier  In  Chief   Of The  U.S.", and who yesterday summarized the scientific revolution thus:

Science Doesn’t “Do” Anything

A sure sign of a brainless journalist is a headline saying “science links” something to something else. “Science” doesn’t “do” anything. Corrupt, dishonest, stoned climate scientists do things, none of which are any good or have anything to do with science.
In real life, Heller, who doesn't publish anything in the peer-reviewed scienific literature  Delingpole prides himself in not reading, is the deplorably anonymous author of  a  deplorable  climate  science  blog  deplorably  entitled :