Thursday, July 12, 2018


Want to be part of the climate revolution?

by Ed Berry, PhD, Physics

About Climate
Over the past year, I developed a new physics insight into how human emissions change atmospheric carbon dioxide. The bottom line is the belief that human carbon dioxide emissions cause significant climate change is an illusion.
The truth is our carbon dioxide emissions have very little effect on atmospheric carbon dioxide. And without a strong effect on carbon dioxide, our emissions are negligible to climate change.
I am not the first or only scientist to make this conclusion. But I have made it very simple to understand. (My professional paper on this subject is in review by a prominent scientific journal.)
Yet today’s political and continuing inaccurate scientific discourse still assumes human emissions cause all the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide. But they assume wrong. It is now easy to prove that Al Gore, the United Nations IPCC, and IPCC climate models have climate physics totally wrong starting at square one of the physics. They have built a whole political movement on a foundation of sand. And now, it’s about to crumble.
This new climate concept is so simple that I can teach it to the general public. I can show the public, voters, and political candidates why the “climate change” that Democrats claim is due to human emissions, is 95 percent caused by nature and only 5 percent caused by humans. Just showing the human effect is less than one part in 20 of the claimed climate change, reduces the political claims about climate change to zero.
My goal is to help elect Republicans in November by teaching enough people the truth about climate change. Some of you can help me. Since this is a brand new concept, I need practice...
So, if you are within about an hour drive of Bigfork, Montana, or you have money to pay my travel expenses, I invite you to gather your group of 6 to 12 people and contact me... This is the start of a climate revolution. You can be a part of it. Let’s make it snowball!