Thursday, May 25, 2017

                               GET  ME  THE  OFFICE  OF

Principia  Scientific International , the curious coven of Australian  Alternative Thermodynamics enthusiasts  that  colllectively wrote Slaying The Sky Dragons seems bent on establishing its bona fides  as fodder for the  still-empty  Office of the Presidential Science Advisor.  They write 
As President Trump leads the charge in dismantling fake news and the ‘hoax’ of global warming we examine how the most climate-skeptical body of scientists are still being reviled and misrepresented...  [PSI is Principia Scientific International, a hub for applied scientists and engineers who point to flaws in the greenhouse gas theory]. Will Trump’s administration take note? 
Lukewarmist champions, Anthony Watts (WUWT) and Dr Roy Spencer were both answered in their challenges by PSI. And subsequent experiments by Mr. Watts proved that his personal lack of science training is a severe detriment to actually being able to do science.
PSI proved that a real-time model of the spherical Earth is better than an arbitrary flat static Earth with the Sun arbitrarily twice as far away as it actually is.  We think that something is wrong with climate science and possibly science in general if PSI is continually challenged to prove that the Earth is spherical.  
... PSI wonders: how is heat transfer emotional?  How is Q ~ σ(Th4 – Tc4) emotional ?  How does that equation not answer exactly what the cold photons are doing?...
Moving the goal-posts by debate opponents is always how it has been for the Slayers…this is exactly the type of behaviour we have had from GHE believers from square one.  It has never been any different. 
We have real-world empirical data proving that there is no greenhouse effect, with a real-world time-dependent model based on reality to demonstrate it.  For years, we have pointed out that the Earth is not flat, that the Sun is not twice as far away as it should be, that cold things do not heat up hot things, and somehow these statements are called “odd proclamations”.  We’re not allowed to talk about a spherical Earth with real-time Sunshine.  If anyone does they get abused endlessly. 
We are living in a world of insanity.  Climate science, and those who believe it with the greenhouse effect, have gone insane.  It is ludicrous and it is intellectually disgusting.

In testimony thereof , the group offers the following list of self-published works available at better  Coal Coast remainder tables