Saturday, December 16, 2017


The steel angel towering over its border testifies to Northumbria's pride in contemporary art. This  Modernist tradition has allowed Matt Ridley to hide  mountains of coal spoil from his estates' mines in plain sight, by turning it into a tourist attraction, the bodacious 1.5 million ton Boudicca entitled
Northumberlandia , 

Viscount Ridley  has lately been patronizing another dark art.  He's done  his  GWPF  pal Lord Lawson  a favor  by hiding an embarassing asset from the House of Lords’  Register of Interests. 
Among his staffers , says Desmogblog :
is John Constable, the energy editor of the Global Warming Policy Forum, the campaign arm of the climate science denial group the Global Warming Policy Foundation   Constable is also part of the Foundation’s Academic Advisory Council.   
Constable’s undeclared presence in the House of Lords casts light on how the GWPF operates within the corridors of power. 
On the register, Constable is listed as a staff member of Matt Ridley – also part of the GWPF – but his only interest is listed as being director of Taxa Publishing. 
This is despite Constable acknowledging the GWPF is a client of his, and the GWPF regularly lobbying parliament.By being listed as a member of hereditary peer Viscount Matt Ridley’s staff, Constable gets almost free reign to wander the back corridors of Westminster and lobby whomever he may find with relative anonymity. 
Constable was previously the director of the anti-wind energy campaign group, the Renewable Energy Foundation. He is known for being a vocal critic of the government’s energy policy and has long opposed subsidies for renewable energy.