Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Governor Palin: this could be the light at the end of the Ice Age 


Capital Weather Gang’s Angela Fritz reports that when NOAA was working on its monthly climate report, the agency noticed data from one of its key climate monitoring stations was missing.

The temperature in  Barrow, Alasla, the  northernmost  city  in the  United States, was “warming so fast this year, the data was automatically flagged as unreal and removed  from the  climate database. It was done by algorithms that were put in place to ensure that only the best data gets included in NOAA’s reports."

Since 2000, the average October temperature in Barrow jumped 7.8 degrees.
For November, it increased 6.9 degrees and for December, it had gone up 4.7 degrees.

Scientists are coming up with a new algorithm to prevent legitimate temperature spikes from getting kicked out of the data sets.