Tuesday, April 10, 2018

                  FLY  THE  FRIENDLY  SKIES  OF  SWAMP AIR

While EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt  flys first class "for security reasons, and enjoys a $100,000 a month executive jet time share at taxpayer expense, the Associated Press reports that no one has ever been charged with, or arrested for, attacking an EPA Administrator:
"Schedules show multiple EPA security agents accompanied Pruitt on a family vacation to California that featured a day at Disneyland and a New Year’s Day football game where his home state Oklahoma Sooners were playing in the Rose Bowl...
On weekend trips home for Sooners football games, when taxpayers weren’t paying for his ticket, the EPA official said Pruitt flew coach.
He sometimes used a companion pass obtained with frequent flyer miles accumulated by Ken Wagner, a former law partner whom Pruitt hired as a senior adviser at EPA at a salary of more than $172,000. 
Taxpayers still covered the airfare for the administrator’s security detail."