Wednesday, April 4, 2018

                        WELL,  AT  LEAST  IT'S  NOT  FLAT

Channeling noted Bangladeshi groundwater authority Professor  Emeritus  Aftab  Alam  Khan Science  Matters  blogger  Ron  Clutz assures  Judith Curry's troops at Science Etc. they need not worry about sea level rise, as it will mostly float the boats in the Arctic Sea and the Screaming Sixties. He fails to note this revelation comes from the folks  who insist:

Global warming and polar ice-melt not contribute to sea level rise.
Melting of huge volume of floating sea-ice around polar region cool ocean-water preventing thermal expansion.
Polar ice melting re-occupy same volume of the displaced water causing no sea level rise.
Gravitational attraction of the earth plays a dominant role against sea level rise.
Melting of land ice in the polar region allow crust to rebound elastically for isostatic balancing through uplift should cause sea level to drop relatively.

Centrifugal force acts as much on the oceans as it does on the solid Earth, which is maximum at the equator and minimum at the pole (Fig. 4B). Any addition of water to the oceans is supposed to flow uphill towards equator from the poles causing sea level rise everywhere, but it does not

Hence, although ocean water at the equator makes a level difference of 21 km higher than at the poles, it is the centrifugal force maximum at the equator and zero at the poles would prevent ocean water-column from moving down-hill toward poles effectively restricting sea level rise at the higher latitudes...  ocean water column from polar region would not move towards equatorial region.
 If only it were so,  the rancorous debate about scientists flying in jets to climate conferences could be swiftly resolved. The Norwegians and their neighbors could simply put on their water skis and slide down the Gulf Stream  to Cancun.

I shudder to think what  the inevitable corrigendum may look like :