Sunday, August 13, 2017


Luxury Maine Geoengineering Climate Conference

Guest essay by Eric Worrall
One hundred scientists gathered late last month in a luxury ski resort in Maine to discuss Geoengineering.
ROBINSON MEYER  The Atlantic  AUG 7, 2017 
Eric neglects to mention that the Gordon Conference in Newry Maine offers no skiing and less luxury in July, or that being  100  miles inland, fantastic voyages on cloud  generating ships were not on offer either.

Sunday River Plantation was settled in 1781 by Benjamin Barker and his two brothers. But the settlement was plundered in 1782 by Indians and abandoned. On June 15, 1805  the Plantation was renamed by settlers that had come from Newry in what is now Northern Ireland.

Hay was the principal crop, and by 1870 the population was 416. Today, it has fallen to 329, but features Sunday River Ski Resort in the winter and great discounts for summer science retreats.

Newry is famed as the site of  a  fiery 1960 KC-97 Stratotanker crash  and a 2012 TV episode, 'Sins and Secrets: Newry', telling of  the  2003 serial murders at a local B&B  that was passed over by the Gordon Conference organizers as the former host is now serving four consecutive life sentences. He was a citizen of Newry, but OTOH, it still has the  finest kind of  pegmatite geology.