Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Those seeking "No" as an answer to dumb questions about climate change have long loved  Watts Up With That  for the gibberings of amateur statisticians, high amperage hypocrisy from K-Street shills, and the sustained hilarity of Watts' dividing science editing between an  Oklahoman  CO2  well driller, and a  building  contractor  in the Solomon Islands. For the past few years, it's faced competition in the Spin  Zone  from   Pay- For- Play blogs  open  access  journals  like GeoResJ,  featuring  ordinarily  unpublishable  items such as:

The application of machine learning for evaluating anthropogenic versus natural climate change

Time-series profiles derived from temperature proxies such as tree rings can provide information about past climate. Signal analysis was undertaken of six such datasets, and the resulting component sine waves used as input to an artificial neural network (ANN), a form of machine learning. By optimizing spectral features of the component sine waves, such as periodicity, amplitude and phase, the original temperature profiles were approximately simulated for the late Holocene period to 1830 CE. The ANN models were then used to generate projections of temperatures through the 20th century. The largest deviation between the ANN projections and measured temperatures for six geographically distinct regions was approximately 0.2 °C, and from this an Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS) of approximately 0.6 °C was estimated. This is considerably less than estimates from General Circulation Models (GCMs) used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and similar to estimates from spectroscopic methods.
While Breitbart's clueless climate science  guru  thinks  Abbot  & Mahrosy's  fueilleton  packs the biggest bang since the  runaway H-bomb that vaporised Elugulab, the  scientific  response  to  their theory  has  been underwhelming:
"This is basically nonsense." 

How  basic?

So basic  that   GeoResJ 's  staid scientific publisher, Elsevier, has decided to ditch the journal for good:

"GeoResJ  will  be  discontinued  from January 2018 and is closed to new submissions... 

Authors wishing to find alternative journals to publish in may wish to use the Elsevier Journal Finder tool."

Neither Terminauthor is a climate modeler. Boh have long worked at the soft coal fired Institute of Public Affairs , which besides novel climate scince ideas, offers  informative books on cat palmistry. Abbot got his PhD "in association with the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada." and has engaged  in basic research associated with the refining of crude oil, working at the Caltex oil refinery in Brisbane" while full time publicist & part time  water chemist Maharosy has worked with him defending their patrons against a string of agricultural runoff lawsuits