Thursday, November 2, 2017

                       SINCE  SCOTT  PRUITT  DINED  ALONE

Today a large group of some sixty-five top scientists sent a letter to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt demanding that he initiate a process to reconsider the so-called Endangerment Finding of 2009...
if you go to the link you will see that they are a who's who of the top scientific people ... many of them have top degrees and top professorships at top institutions.  
Now, perhaps you have seen the claim that "97% of scientists agree" that human-caused global warming is a crisis,  or something like that... Don't bank on it.  No such group exists.

Yes, there is a substantial government-funded clique of lightweights and charlatans... putting out fake press releases... 

But no such group that could be assembled could remotely match our group of sixty-five for bona fide scientific heft.  If  they try to assemble such a group, the contrast of the real scientists  versus  the lightweights will be immediately apparent.    

[Among the interesting contributors to the 65 Supporting Petitions ]
Dr. Ralph B. Alexander
Former Associate Professor, Wayne State University, Detroit
Author, “Global Warming False Alarm”

William D. Balgord, Ph.D.
President, Environmental & Resources Technology, Inc. B.S., chemistry, Millsaps College

Dr. Tim Ball
Ph.D., Historical Climatology MA, University of Manitoba BA, University of Winnipeg Victoria, Canada

James R. Barrante, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Physical Chemistry Southern Connecticut State University Author: "Global Warming for Dim Wits"

David J. Benard  Co-inventor of the Chemical Oxygen-Iodine Laser 

David Boleneus
Consulting geologist, geophysicist, and wheat grower BS Geology, Eastern Washington University

Vice Admiral Edward S. Briggs United States Navy (Retired)

David J. Bufalo, P.E. Retired Licensed Professional Engineer,
BS Civil Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology 

Dr. Alan Carlin
Retired Author,
Environmentalism Gone Mad, Stairway Press, 2015.

John Coleman
Broadcast Meteorologist of the Year in 1982, Founder of The Weather Channel Meteorologist on Television for 61 years including Good Morning America BS Journalism, University of Illinois

William F. Condon, Ph. D.
Professor Emeritus and Past Chair of Chemistry, Southern Connecticut State University

Joseph S. D'Aleo Certified Consulting Meteorologist, BS, MS Meteorology, University of Wisconsin

Terry W. Donze    Author - Climate Realism: Alarmism Exposed, Xulon Press 

John Droz, jr.Physicist Founder of Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) Morehead City, NC

Dr. Don J. Easterbrook
Emeritus Professor of Geology, Western Washington University 

Robert W. Endlich, Lt Col USAF, (Ret)

Melin O. Glerup BS and MS Geological Engineer and Petroleum Geologist
Retired Texaco, Inc. Executive 

Steve Goreham Executive Director, Climate Science Coalition
MBA, University of Chicago

Admiral Thomas B. Hayward (ret) Chief of Naval Operations

Dr. David R. Legates  Professor of Geography, University of Delaware,

Jay Lehr      Science Director, The Heartland Institute,

Dr. Troy Milliken Chemistry Professor, Holmes Community College Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry

H. Michael "Mike" Mogil How the Weatherworks Certified Consulting Meteorologist Certified Broadcast Meteorologist 

James M. Peacock Charter Member of The Right Climate Stuff Research Team   USAF R&D, Air Force Special Weapons Center  B.S. in M.E. Texas A & M University

Dr. Chad Rodekohr
Professor of Physics, Presbyterian College

Dr. Willie Soon Independent Scientist, 26+ years’ experience in Sun and Climate Science research Ph.D., University of Southern California, Aerospace Engineering, 

Jerome C. Arnett, Jr., M.D. Pulmonologist in private practice
Doctor of Medicine, WVU  Helvetia, W. Va.

E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D., Founder and National Spokesman
The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation

Dr. Roger H. Bezdek Founding Member, Cavendish Energy LLC, Fort Worth, Texas\

Donn Dears Retired,  Author, Clexit, Nothing to Fear, and Carbon Folly
Graduate, GE’s three-year Manufacturing Management Program
BS, with honors, United States Merchant Marine Academy

John Dale Dunn, MD, JD
Lecturer, retired Clinical Instructor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Carl R Darnall Army Medical Center. Policy advisor,  Heartland Institute of Chicago.

Paul D. Hoffman
Publicist, Hope Springs Media

Dr. Craig D. Idso
Chairman, Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide, Co-Editor, Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC)  Ph.D. Geography, Arizona State University,

Steve Milloy
LLM, Securities Regulation, Georgetown University Law Center

Franklin E. (Ed) Payne, M.D.
Associate Professor of Family Medicine (retired) 

Cornelis J. F. Smit, Certified Industrial Hygienist (AIHA)  Co-founder and Director, 
The Galileo Movement

H. Leighton Steward Geologist, environmentalist, author, and retired energy industry executive. Serves on the board of the  The Buffalo Bill  Historical Center.

Dr. S. Stanley Young
Worked in the pharmaceutical industry on all phases of pre-clinical research.