Thursday, April 11, 2019


The Lord Monckton Foundation stands as the wall of the West, the redoubt of reason, the sentinel of science, the fortress of freedom, and the defender of democracy. By this Charter, the Governing Council is directed to obtain and to deploy...  

The Scientific Method, first adumbrated in the early Middle Ages as a moral as well as a rational discipline by the Iraqi mathematician Abu Ali Ibn Al-Haytham... attained its apotheosis in the minds of Newton ... and of Popper
Is science dead? 
Must reason fail? 
Shall objectivity be slaughtered again on the pagan altar of mere ideology? 
Is life now objectionable, liberty deplorable, the pursuit of happiness a crime? 
Has the nation had its day? 
Is the globalization of governance really a public good? 
Can democracy survive it? 
Should not the use of the ballot-box be extended?
Should not every supranational and global institution of governance be elected? 

The Foundation exists to illuminate questions such as these, and to inspire devotion to the cause of Western civilization, true reason, sound science, universal liberty and worldwide democracy in the hearts of all men of goodwill.
Let freedom ring!