Monday, June 12, 2017

                       BLINDED  BY SCIENCE  AT  BREITBART

  James  Delingpole's  last  two  gonzo  Breitbart  headlines, 
have  drawn  enough  journalistic face-palming  to  elicit another  Red  Queen  defense  from  him  in response  to Jaime Gesssop's  fisk  
DELINGPOLE: Breitbart 100 Per Cent Correct About Climate Change, Expert Peer Reviewer Confirms
In which the great Interpreter of Interpretations dismisses all objections to his dismissal of  what science has to say  by telling his fans to focus on what he didn’t say:
"Every now and then I write a piece that makes the Greenies’ heads explode.  
This was one of them – ‘Global Warming’ Is A Myth Say 58 Scientific Papers In 2017 – and I can quite understand why.
If there’s a thing the climate alarmists loathe more than almost anything, it’s being schooled on science by an English major who last used a bunsen burner in anger around the time Kajagoogoo were in the Billboard Hot 100, was always really quite crap at growing copper sulphate crystals, and  who, in any case, doesn’t take any of the PhDs who bang on about “global warming” nearly as seriously as they’d like to be taken because he thinks they’re a bunch of liars, incompetents, green activists, money grubbers and grant troughers on the make who have about as much to do with the scientific method as Bill Nye’s left testicle.
Hence the significance of those 58 scientific papers published in 2017. None of them says directly “Man-made global warming is a myth.” But then, they don’t need to and anyway that’s not how science works…  
I suppose, though, if you weren’t aware of them, you might look at the Climate Feedback article and go: “Hmm...there’s all sorts of complicated sciency stuff in there like ‘To see the clearest fingerprints of the extra energy added to the climate system from fossil fuel burning, you have to look at the energy content of the entire climate system over the last several decades (most of the extra energy has gone into the ocean [Levitus et al. 2012]*)’ which I don’t quite understand but which looks pretty impressive.”
Don’t worry. This is what’s known as “blinding the reader with science.” It’s how these charlatans roll. It’s only one notch up from that paper the other day about how penises cause climate change.
Just judge my piece on what it said – not on what it didn’t say but these desperate alarmists are trying to claim it did.
What I said was 100 per cent accurate. Which is why these guys are so angry. They don’t like it up ’em, do they?”
It  may be time for  Steve Bannon  to  consider replacing  father with son, as few Etonians make it to the Third Form without  transcending the level of sheer scientific idiocy Delingpole pere displays.