Friday, September 1, 2017


Climate Communism? The Russians aren’t buying
Ø Christopher Monckton of Brenchley reports from  Russian Cities’ Climate Forum in Moscow
The Al Gore Effect wasn’t working. Instead of the snow and frost that usually accompanies global warming conferences, the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was north of 100 °F. 
On the first day, I attended a plenary session at which, one after another, several members of the Russian Academy of Sciences stood up and presented scientific results demonstrating that the “science” – if one can call it that – is not “settled”; that every major aspect of the climate Communist Party  Line  is in doubt... The  biggest  cheer  of the day went  to  the  formidable  Academician Nigmatulin, a  redoubtable 75- year- old veteran of the Communist regime, who, in a thunderous sergeant-major’s parade-ground yell, brought the audience to its feet with... “The problem for Russia is not global warming. It is profiteering priests of the new religion, bloated bureaucrats and dithering democrats.”
Hot onions: St Basil’s basks in rare 100 °F warmth

The “new religion,” of course, was the naïve belief in catastrophic manmade global warming. The “bloated bureaucrats” were those who have profited by vastly expanding their empires through carbon accounting, power-price rigging and environmental over-regulation.
But what was this about “dithering democrats ? ”  I  asked  another academician, who had better remain nameless.'Ah,' I was told, 'many of us feel that in the days of Communism, for all its faults, the regime understood the importance of funding fundamental science, and we are not sure that the current administration has the same understanding.'...
Most of the academicians, however, were agreed that global warming was nothing like the problem it had been made out to be. In a round-table session on whether “renewable” energy was a good idea, an earnest Western climate Communist (“I’m a climate scientist, you know, really”)..Academician Krilov, sitting directly across from this reptilian bureaucrat, looked at him as if he had crawled out from under a stone (which, in a very real sense, he had). “
From my end of the round table, I delivered the body-blow to the eco-Communist. “Does the panel not agree with me that ‘renewable’ energy has four mutually-reinforcing problems: low energy density, high cost per TWh delivered, intermittency, and very high environmental damage per TWh generated?”
Academician Krilov nodded vigorously. Next to him, Dr Kulbachevsky, the head of the Moscow environment department, did his best to keep a straight face.
The reptilian Communist blurted out that fossil fuels caused environmental damage too – Deepwater Horizon, coal-dust pollution, blah, blah. I cut him off. ...‘renewables’ are – by an extravagant margin – the dirtiest methods of generating power on the planet. Birds and bats smashed out of the sky by windmills (14th-century technology to solve a 21st-century non-problem), or fried by solar collectors; vast acreages of pristine landscape irrevocably destroyed; savage working conditions for lithium miners in Tibet and the Congo, about which nearly every Western Communist pressure-group is tellingly silent; entire water-tables polluted for thousands of square miles with the acid leachate from the lithium-extraction process; landscapes festooned with needless power cables; fatal floods killing tens of thousands as hydro-electric dams fail...
Academician Krilov nodded again. This time, there was also just the trace of nod, and almost the trembling hint of a wink, from the impressively impassive Dr Kulbachevsky. The reptile from the UNFCCC slithered out and slunk away, never to be seen again...
Next, I was invited to attend and speak at a round-table discussion...I started by sounding a warning about the temptation to scatter taxpayers’ money to the winds ... I gave the striking example of the London free-bicycle scheme, which had been introduced by the then Communist mayor, Ken Livingstone... Considering how few people actually used the bicycles, it would have been cheaper to give each of them a Rolls Royce and a chauffeur.
This point struck home.
As I left the conference, most of the audience had gone to sleep...Russia – at every level – is resisting the blandishments of those whom Roy Spencer has justly described as the “climate Nazis”
I gave my own plenary presentation, in which I said that a strikingly elementary error of science, first perpetrated 120 years previously, had led to absurd exaggerations of the amount of warming ... So simple was the error that I was able to describe it to the full satisfaction of the audience in just ten minutes... “Well,” said one of them, “you were the only Westerner who sounded as though you knew what you were talking about"